Why do alarms wake you up? Why does a lullaby put you to sleep? The study of sound and its intricacies can be revealed in Psychoacoustics, the branch of science dealing with psychological and physiological responses to sound, in which Khalil specializes.

Khalil worked in research and development on an algorithm design at Master Pinguin in Hamburg with a 3rd party developers on a project called ‘Beautifyer’, which is now available as a free app that allows users to experience surround sound with the click of a button on their mobile phones.


  • Algorithm Sound Design for mobile, enhancing stereo signal via earphones

Surround & Upscale

  • Algorithm Sound Design, Stereo and surround Upscale from 2 to 9.1 and 5.1 to 9.1


  • Impulse Responses Measurements and Reverb Design


  • Room measurement and enhancement

EBU Loudness R128

  • Consulting and user training


  • User training and Development


Khalil’s never-ending curiosity for the latest advancements in the area of Psychoacoustics drives him to explore new technologies for use in his own work as well as to experiment with new sonic ideas that have the potential to enhance how we will produce and listen to sound in the future.