Khalil is an in-demand FOH/monitor engineer, especially for large ensembles. He has managed up to 256 inputs for Kohar from Armenia, Ensemble Ambrosious from France, and other orchestras in a variety of acoustically challenging venues - cathedrals, outdoor festivals and concert halls

  • Most of his studio work also continues live when artists request that Khalil join them in concerts to recreate their album sound in a live setting.

Understanding the physical properties rooms and live music, he also implements sound design in performance venues. He recommends acoustic treatment and best practices for venue owners to create ideal listening and performing conditions.

Live Sound Reinforcement (excerpt)


Live Console

Digico Series, Soundcraft Vi series, Yamaha CL Series - Yamaha PM1D, Midas Pro series

PA Systems

Meyer Mika, Melody-Galileo, l‘Acoustics dV-DOSC, V-DOSC, D&B J series, Adamson