Khalil is a Berlin-based Engineer and Producer who combines musical and scientific knowledge (in Physics with a focus on Psychoacoustics) in his unique approach to production. In over 15 years of experience in audio engineering, he has worked in live and studio recording, mixing, mastering and producing independent and mainstream music on analog and digital equipments.

He founded and runs Musigma, an audio consulting company which offers production solutions to artists looking to record, mix, master and distribute their music. Among others, he has worked with international artists Rita Redshoes, The Trouble Notes, Fairouz, Max Herre, Rea Garvey, Ziad Rahbani and 5vor12. His work has received Platinum and Golden awards in Germany.

In the studio and the live sessions, his main focus is on producing results that listeners enjoy hearing, using audio engineering techniques to enhance musical ideas without ever losing sight of the big picture.

“As engineers it's easy to get caught up in the latest technology and the newest tricks, but for me the most important thing is to find ways to use that technology to enhance musical ideas, and to never forget that we make music that people love to listen to. When we start dancing in the control room, that's when I know we've done something special”


Extended Personal History

Khalil began playing keyboard as a child in Beirut, and since he excelled academically in math and sciences, he pursued a BA in Physics. His curiosity for the physics of sound and its relation to music drove him to develop a research with Professor Romain Bossart focused on Psychoacoustics as well as study audio and digital recording.

After practical audio recording training experience in France, Khalil returned to Beirut where he worked for ten years as an audio consultant and engineer on independent projects, meeting and working with many artists who would later become independent clients of Musigma. In this period, Khalil also worked on the latest album of the internationally-acclaimed artist Fairouz Eh Fi Amal, and participated in developing the sound at “Music Hall” and “Metro Al Madina”, which have become Beirut's premier live music venues for showcasing local and international music and entertainment.

Frustrated by limited opportunities and resources in Lebanon, he returned to Europe where he began working on research and development of algorithms related to 3D sound with MasterPinguin in Hamburg.

Through Musigma, Khalil continues to work with independent clients by listening to their needs and offering his services whether in audio consulting or production. Today, Musigma takes on projects that require a large team of experts to navigate the stages of music production and distribution.

Musigma currently operates out of Berlin, where Khalil works with several local studios and clients in addition to facilitating international projects and collaborations between the Middle East and Europe.


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